Project 1

Small Molecule Enhancers of Photodynamic Therapy for Skin Cancer

Edward Maytin, MD PhD
–  CV
Project 1 Lead

  • Staff, Department of Dermatology; Section Head, Molecular Dermatology, Cleveland Clinic
  • Associate Staff, Biomedical Engineering, Cleveland Clinic
  • Assistant Professor, Molecular Medicine, Case Western Reserve University
  • Adjunct Professor, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Cleveland State University

Department of Dermatology
Desk A61, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44195

Project 1 Team:

Sanjay Anand
Sanjay Anand, PhD
Assistant Professor

Yan Wang, MD PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Judith Mack, PhD

Project Scientist
Urvashi Kaw, MD
Urvashi Kaw, PhD

Project Scientist

Previous Project 1 Members:

Akshat Paliwal, MD
Akshat Paliwal, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kishore Rollakanti, BS

Graduate Student
Christine Warren, MD
Christine Warren, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow