The Biological Models, Biostatistics, Molecular Pathology and Microscopy Core, Core Component B, integrates novel biological models with newly developed biochemical and imaging assay platforms to enable the development of the treatments envisioned in the Program Projects.

This Core will also coordinate physically decentralized but centrally communicating biostatistics and pathological services to support the experimental design and the interpretation of preclinical results.
The objective of Core B is to provide a service and research platform to increase the efficiency of microscopy, biostatistics, and pathology techniques used by all three Program Projects.

Core B will provide clinically relevant in vitro and in vivo biological models of the tumor microenvironment and preclinical miniature microscopy tools that show promise for clinical translation that act as guidance for photodynamic priming and immune checkpoint inhibition.

In addition, another aim of Core B is to collaborate with Projects to develop new technologies. Thus, the Core will also have a research and development component to provide novel cancer models and tumor imaging technologies for the advancement of the Program Projects. For instance, once the drug containing TLNCs have been developed in Project 3, Core B will fabricate these to transfer this technology for use in Project 1.